Monday, November 21, 2011

What to say?

I haven't posted because nothing really has been happening. Nothing worth documenting really. I even installed a blogger app on my phone so I could post easier without getting my laptop out, but meh. Here are the highlights from the last few weeks:
I got this new app on my phone called Pocket Frogs that is really fun.
I read the Hunger Games series (loved it! food for thought.)
I read The Help (loved it! also food for thought, and giggles)
I picked a million green tomatoes before it froze
I haven't picked my grapes yet
I'm working on my secret project (almost finished! I really need to finish, like yesterday!)
I got the nursery, hallway, hall closet, bathroom, and our bedroom mostly baby-proofed.
Joshua started to crawl (hence the above) - ok, this is worth blogging about, but i need to get a good video and pictures of it first.
I read "Goodnight Moon" to Joshua almost every night because it's the only one he will sit still through patiently (maybe because we read it so often?). He sometimes makes an "ssss" sound after I say "and a little old lady whispering 'hush'"
We have company stuff and Dave's job stuff going on, but that needs to be on the D.L. until later notice.
Currently - I have a cold. My nose gets clogged when I sit still or try to sleep (usually one nostril or the other...never evenly) and today it turned into a cough and now I sound like a man when I talk. Lovely. Feel sorry for Dave because I'm a huge whiner when I'm sick, especially if it involves clogged nostrils.
Now I need to go empty the trash cans because it's trash day! (oh the things I get excited about these days...)

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