Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spring in November

Today I decided that Christmas decorations would look so much better in a clean house. So I started cleaning...which turned into a spring cleaning type endeavor.
I moved everything out of the dining room, even the rug, and vacuumed and mopped. (Joshua's hands have been turning black from crawling around--it was way past due.)
I had leftover mop water, so I figured I'd clean the baseboards while I was at it...I don't think they've been cleaned in a decade (literally, that's my estimate). I know *I* have never cleaned them in the last 3 years and the people who lived here before us never cleaned _anything_ based on the state of the house when we moved in. Plus the house was vacant for a while.
Anyway...to give you an idea, I made it about 5 feet before I had to change the water. It was gross.
But now it is so clean!
Ps: Joshua has been SO much easier to take care of now that he can crawl (I've always heard it is the other way around usually). He keeps himself occupied and therefore content until he gets hungry or tired. Yes, I have to still make sure he doesn't get into anything dangerous, but that is easy.
I was able to do all of my cleaning while he was up and about! Such a relief!

Break time is over, time for decorating!

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