Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sink Chronicles: Day 16

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Day 16: Read an Email from Flylady

Creepy...how did they know I had stopped reading the emails? I mostly don't read them because I have to get on my computer to read them because on my phone they get all jumbled up when I open them because of all the links included in the emails. If I open my computer I usually get distracted by facebook, blogs, recipes, new running tracking sites, etc...I'm doing that right now actually!

That's why I usually try to shut down my computer as often as possible so it takes more time to get on it, meaning I'll usually go do something else instead. I guess for the good of the cause I'll go read an email. ;)

One thing I've really liked about having a shiny sink is that when I'm cooking, or washing some fruit to eat, if I drop some food in the sink, I know that it's clean and sanitary enough to just pick it out, rinse it off, and eat it! I know it sounds like a gross concept, but that's just how clean my sink is! ...the kitchen floor, not so much.

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