Monday, September 26, 2011

Post Title

I couldn't think of a title that would be an appropriate thesis of this post...
Well, I bet you have noticed I haven't posted in a while, eh? Yup. That's me. The blog slacker.
Good news though, my sink is still clean...but that's about it. I decided that the flylady stuff just wasn't for me. I mean, I like some of the things, and there are some good principles, but my life just isn't routine enough to have a routine like that. Possibly when all my children are older and in school and not teething I can do a morning routine. Possibly I'm just making lame excuses.
Anyway, I'm still working on making my life more productive. I just am not very productive at doing that very often. Arg. Oh. Well.
Right, well here's an update.
I have been trying to spend less time on the computer, which is one of the reasons I haven't blogged in a while. Some days that means I wander around trying to figure out what I'd like to work on that day, until the day is over, then I try to hurry and do something, and then I end up staying up late and hating myself the next morning. My goodness, I must be in a mood. This post wasn't supposed to be so whiny.
Joshua has 6 teeth now and has been working on the 7th for. ev. er. It's to the point where it's almost through, and hurts him a lot, but that seems to be all the progress its willing to make. His 8th tooth is coming in, too and may surprise us and make it in before the 7th...which would make it the 7th, and the other one the 8th...uhhh. I have my suspicions that his molars may be coming in, too because he's been chomping on his fingers in the back of his mouth lately. The silly kid doesn't chew on teething toys at all, but he'll chomp on his fingers and chew on his wrist any time of day. Today I resorted to giving him some ibuprofen because he just seemed to be in so much pain that it would be worth it.
Besides teething, Joshua has some fun tricks that he's been working on perfecting. He will sit anywhere and play with toys and turn around and around on his bum. He's been reaching further and further, which sometimes means he dives head-first for things and ends up on his tummy, screaming to be rescued. I think crawling may be on the horizon finally.
Side note: this is another reason why I need to get my house cleaned up and out! baby proofing!
While he's happy and playing with toys that little boy can jabber up a storm. It used to just be "mamamaamamamammm" or "blablablablablabbblab" (yes, he says blah blah blah, it's cute.). Now he's working more on the "Guh" sound and the "th" (voiced and unvoiced) and "V" sounds. He'll slip in a "Da" every once in a while, too.
His favorite toys are toys with wheels or toys that rattle when shaken. His favorite foods are anything but baby food meats (gross, who would eat those!?). He loves fruits like peaches and pears and can eat them well un-mushed.
He bobs and dances, smiles, laughs, and sniffs with his nose (see video here) when he's excited. He will also kick his legs like crazy while on the changing table. I think he's trying to go from lying to standing like a break dancer. I have yet to catch it on video because he stops doing it whenever I try to video him.
(KNOCK ON WOOD!) Joshua has been sleeping wonderfully for a week or so. He's starting to sleep on his tummy, and I think that's one reason why he sleeps so nicely. His naps are still less than an hour long, and he still has 3 of them per day, but at night he will go to bed between 8 and 9pm and will sleep solid until about 6am, nurse, and go back to sleep until 7, 8, or 9am. It's heavenly. The funny thing is that he'll roll over onto his tummy while he's sleeping, but once he wakes up and realizes he's on his tummy, he screeches and squeals and hollers until I come rescue him.
Is this post getting too long? mind if I keep writing? no? great...
Dave has had a change in his work schedule. He's working one more shift per week and does a double shift on one of the weekend days. The residential tech support store that we acquired is moving locations next week or so, so that will make him a bit busier for a while with the company. It's tough being apart so much, but we make do.
It was my birthday last week and I got food poisoning the day before. I was in bed for almost 40 hours straight (minus trips to the bathroom), it was miserable. Luckily I started feeling better at about 3pm on my birthday, and felt completely better by my party the next day. I had a few friends over on Friday and family over on Sunday. It was great to celebrate my birthday with people. I'm thinking we need to have people over more often. Our house is clean and the back yard is presentable!
Right, well, I better get going on my day (confession: still in pjs!). I'm hoping to have a yard sale on Saturday of all the things that we don't need in our house, which means I have quite the week ahead of me. I'm a little worried it will be poorly attended because of General Conference. What do you think? Do people still go Garage Sailing (spelled like that on purpose) on GC weekend?


Jenny said...

Move the garage sell to next weekend. Don't do it on conference weekend! Come over for the morning session and have breakfast with us!
Glad you posted!

Sean and Jennie said...

I am not looking forward to teething! I am looking forward to those epic sleeping hours though=)

Carrie said...

wow! what a post! i have too many things to even write down! i laughed at your text about being jealous. we actually had them over for games tonight and i thought about how much fun it would be if you were there with us. it just felt like you were missing. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!

and i'm so sad you hate fly lady. not that i'm a fan, but i really did love reading your cleaning/organizing posts. there are few things i love more than cleaning and organizing. ;-) so i think you should reincarnate it in some form or fashion. find a different cleaning schedule to follow. even if it is just de junking a room a day or something.

ps- i love that you spell garage sailing like i do. it just makes sense!