Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sink Chronicles: Day 12

Click here for today's baby step assignment.

Day 12: Delete All the Emails From Flylady

I liked this assignment. It was nice and simple. I got it done in about 30 seconds.

Then I had the rest of the day...why couldn't I get this assignment on one of my busier days? So I tackled the pantry, in 15 minute intervals of course. I'd do one or two shelves and then take a break. I threw away all the expired food, put some of the unopened food up with my food storage, gave away food we didn't eat but was still good food, cleaned the shelves, and re-organized. It helped that there was once-upon-a-time a system in place. I just restored that system.

It is amazing how de-cluttering can help you find treasures. I found some delicious food I didn't even know that I had. It made me want to plan out menus according to the food that has been hiding in my pantry, but I didn't want to burn myself out, so I saved that for another day. I also saved the fridge for another day. Yikes. That's the stinky stuff that I don't want to open.

As a result, we had pesto alfredo pasta and peas tonight. I'll post pictures of the de-cluttering job tomorrow. I have to go to bed now!

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Chelsea said...

We have a TINY fridge here, but it's forced me to keep it organized. I mean, in any fridge, the back half is filled with dank, nasty stuff-- half-used condiments, old bags of rotten vegetables, leftovers from the beginning of time, etc. But now with my tiny fridge, if we have 2 meals' worth of leftovers, our fridge is pretty full, and we therefore eat the leftovers. I think it forces me to throw out the nasty stuff and only keep useful food in it. And I think the amount of useful food is exactly the same as in my huge American fridge...