Monday, August 22, 2011

Sink Chronicles: Day 15

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Day 15: Make Your Bed

YAY! I like making my bed! It makes the whole room look so much cleaner! I figured this was coming because it was mentioned in the emails from flylady, so I've been practicing. Is that cheating?

It says in the description, "If you will do this as soon as your feet hit the floor you are less likely to forget it." I have two problems with that. Problem number 1: My feet hit the floor multiple times in the wee hours of the morning, and when they hit the floor for the final time in the morning, I am usually on the run to get crying Joshua out of bed. Problem number 2: A lot of times, our bed is still occupied by a sleeping Dave when I get out of bed. He seizes the opportunity to cocoon himself in the remaining covers until he gets up. I'll have to figure out when to fit it into my routine so that I don't forget it. Any suggestions?

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Carrie said...

i've heard in some marriages where whoever gets out of bed last is in charge of making it. it's never worked in my marriage but i just wanted to put that out there as a little food for thought!

ps- coolest verification word ever... "sykedat" i am going to make it a point to syke dat today. sssyyyykkkkeeeee. ;-)