Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sink Chronicles: Day 13

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Day 13: Pick One of Kelly's Missions and Do It

I've been reading about "Kelly's Missions" in the Flylady email digest that I get every day, but I haven't looked more into it than that. Here is where Kelly posts her missions. This week she's focusing on the entry way and dining room. The baby step description said to pick one of the missions, so I picked Thursdays mission to clean up the things that accumulate near the front door like shoes, jackets, bags, etc. Only in our house, it seems to be computer parts that accumulate near the front door. In order to move the computer parts, I had to make room for them upstairs near the office.

Two birds with one stone! I de-cluttered upstairs outside the office for 15 minutes, getting rid of old boxes, and stacking the leftover computer parts neatly. Then I went downstairs again and moved what I could upstairs. I know it's just moving clutter from one area to another, but it's so much closer to where it goes than where it was before.

With those things gone from the entry we actually HAVE an entryway again! There is still more to clean up, but isn't there always?

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Keith said...

Hmmm... I know about that problem with computer parts. Happens to me at work all the time.