Sunday, April 14, 2013

No Title Fits...except now Pepsi does.

Several people have gotten after me for not blogging more, so here are a few more random tidbits:
When I was a sophomore in college, they came out with this delicious stuff called Pepsi with Lime, or some such name. It was absolutely delicious. Most days I'd come home for lunch and make a big pot of 3-cheese macaroni & cheese (Kraft brand, of course) and eat half of the box with a nice big glass of Lime Pepsi. Then I would usually take a nap for a few hours, and later, eat the second half of the box for dinner. I know, I was super healthy. I wonder why I got tonsilitis my sophomore year of college, maybe it's because I needed more vitamins. Now every time I have macaroni and cheese, whether it's the 3-cheese, or regular, or spirals, or sponge bob, or monster's university style (we really don't eat it all that often, I just usually get 2 of each when I get more and that's what's offered right now at the store - except they didn't have 3-cheese, which is my favorite. mean.) I always crave Pepsi ala Lime. They don't make it anymore!...except in diet, which is nastycrap. A couple months ago, Dave wanted me to get him a small bottle to take lemon juice with him to work to put in his water so he wouldn't drink as much soda (the water at his work is ikke laekker). While shopping for a bottle (little juice bottle? little soda bottle? little water bottle?), I decided, duh, I should just get him a little lemon juice bottle that he can re-fill with our costco jugs of lemon juice instead of finding the perfect little bottle to hold lemon juice...they make the lemon juice bottles perfect for lemon juice already! While in the lemon juice aisle (yes we have a whole aisle for lemon juice here, we love lemons here...when life gives you lemons...nonotreally) I saw a little bottle of LIME juice! *ding!* I could make my own pepsi con lima. So I do. I just did, and I drank it. Yum.
I don't drink pepsi with mac & cheese any more really, because, like I said, I don't make it as much as I used to (which was really almost every day). Now I drink it more when I need the go-getting it gives me to get a ton of chores done. It really helps me focus for some reason. For example, when I started writing this post, my mind was jumping from one topic to the next and just connecting the dots like crazy and so I couldn't fit a title on here, but now it's really just about Pepsi, which is delicious.

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LisaBC said...

Let's have some when I get there!
A bit of caffeine REALLY helps me to focus, too.