Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Did you notice that the last two posts didn't have a single mention of Joshua, or the amazingly cute things that he does? Or the rip-my-hair-out things he does? I'm really trying harder to not be "that person" who ONLY talks about her whoever will listen...or whoever has ears...or eyes to read about it...or is in my vicinity. I annoy myself as the words are coming out, but I just. can't. stop. them. I'm with Joshua almost 24/7. You be around something/someone for almost 24/7 and not talk about it/them! It's time to diversify my conversation skills. (no, that's not an announcement, you people who always think everything is a hint to an announcement...sheesh ;))
Well, this post is all the things I held back in the other two posts. (I was going to clean my house, but here I go blogging see what you've forced me to!? yeah, you know who you are...)
The last week or so I've been around a LOT of kids. Usually, I admit, I'm not a huge fan of kids after about an hour. It's like that little meme going around that says something like "Kids are like farts, you don't mind your own, but others' are unbearable." It's true. When your kids are acting up, it's just another day for you, but when others' kids are acting up, sometimes you can't help but think, to put it gently, "Man! Why is their kid like that!?" Admit it, you do it, too.
The other day I watched up to 5 kids between about 2 and 3 years old on and off for basically the whole day. I was exhausted! I really don't know how some people can run daycares in their homes. They are saints. I know at least one of my blog readers runs a are a saint.
After that day I was really thinking that I'd go insane if I had to do that again. Then I did it for a little while the next day, too. I was just plumb tuckered out.
I'm sitting here thinking about those days fondly though. Yes, kids can be a pain, and yes, during meals you have to tell them all, individually, one right-after-the-other to sit back in their chair, no don't dump your food out, go away Monkey! (our dog...yes, we aim to confuse), sit back down, stop kicking each other, no feet on the table, eat your food, take a big bite, let me scrape that yogurt off your chin again, no, no painting with the yogurt, do you want more ketchup?, oh, you don't want cereal anymore you want me to scramble some eggs, you have to wait for me to help you, i'm cooking some eggs, you're all done with your hot dog? you want some cheese?, leave your bib on, wait til you're done chewing those 10 hot dog pieces before you put 10 more in, let me wipe your face and hands before you go play,........etc... x 5.
But, it's all worth the fun times you have. When they hold hands running down the driveway. when they try to trace each other with chalk on the sidewalk, when they "help" you dig out weeds, when they get around to sharing a toy nicely, when they laugh their heads off at Monkey chasing bubbles (you would, too, it's hilarious, I'll have to post a video), all the little hugs and kisses, when they try on each others' shoes...on the wrong feet. All the insanity of children is so worth having them around to brighten your day with their smiles and laughter.

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