Sunday, April 14, 2013

For Carrie:

My busy day:
Tried to sleep in since we all went to bed late...I think we got up at 9am, which is about an extra hour.
Slow-poked through feeding and dressing joshua, making whole wheat pancakes, eating said pancakes, getting into work clothes to garden in.
Started leveling castle stones for front flower garden.
Showered and went to a baby shower (see what I did there with the words?)
Left said shower early and went to frigid, out-door birthday party for nephew
Left for naptime but remembered I was going to go pick up some shelves I found on a facebook yardsale group, went home to get cash, realized I left my phone with the shelf address on it at birthday party, got phone, got shelves, tried to keep joshua awake in his carseat this whole time, and failed for literally 2 seconds.
Fought with Joshua about naptime for about an hour and was finally victorious.
Finished loading and started the dishwasher.
Chelsea had finished laying the castle stone for me while I was gone so...
Changed back into work clothes and transported dirt from pile in the road to new garden for the next hour or so. (Didn't ask Daniel to help because he had been rock climbing all morning and I figured he needed rest for his arms.)
Finished the new garden right before it started "raining" (cold, spit, wind).
Cleaned up all the million toy shovels and chalk and chairs and buckets littering our front lawn from our garden helpers this week (5 toddlers)
Daniel and joshua packed into the car
Picked up Alex, dropped off diaper bag to Ceightie, went to dinner with all siblings.
Went home and did laundry, skyped with parents, and sewed some stuff for my sewing job.
Pjs, teeth, bed. (Remembering now that I was hungry before I brushed my teeth, but I guess it's too late now!)
Here's the picture of the flower bed (sorry it's crappy, for some reason blogger uploads a very crappy version of pictures from my phone...there's a better version on fb and instagram.)


LisaBC said...

What a productive day!!
What kind of dirt/soil did you put in your new flowerbed?

Sarah Franz said...

I just used dirt from the dirt we're removing from the "back" yard for our swing set. I picked out the biggest clumps of grass. Once all the flowers are planted I'll put some sort of weed barrier and then mulch...or maybe just mulch.