Monday, April 15, 2013


While we're on a junk food topic, let me tell you how I feel about chocolate. It's so yummy. I pretty much like all of it. It all has it's purpose in life.
Hot cocoa- for warming you up in the winter, esp. while ice skating
Hershey's chocolate bars - not terribly good plain, but perfect for s'mores
Semi-sweet Chips - cookies, sprinkled on just about any sweet, especially the miniature chips
Milka - to eat plain, usually the whole bar in one sitting. I used to buy the giant bars with raisins and nuts in them when I lived in Vienna, and that'd basically be my lunch. No wonder I gained weight there. ;)
Lindt - melt in your mouth delicious
Dark - to really get the chocolate kick
c. Milk - to drink down when it's too warm for hot chocolate.
Milk c. - creamy and just good. not my favorite in cookies though.
Mint infused - yum
Peanut butter with c. - who ever thought of this combo should be given a medal. pb cups, pb eggs at easter, pb & nutella, oh yummy.
Nutella - while we're on the topic, most things nutella goes on is just a vehicle to move the nutella from the jar into your mouth. I also would eat jars of this in Vienna. I'm not really wondering why I gained weight there.
Hazelnut - See also, Nutella. It's just great at accenting the chocolate flavor.
I'm sure I could go on, but that's just what came to my head as I sat down to write this. I'm currently making my way through Joshua's Easter candy.

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