Wednesday, August 1, 2012

May NM Trip: Garage and Food Storage

While I was in New Mexico, I offered to help my parents go through and organize their garage. The goal was to get it all done, but it was a lot harder to do with Joshua toddling around than I thought--mostly because I didn't want him to be in the garage while we worked.
Anyway, I don't have any before pictures. So here are some random pictures of Joshua playing while we were there. He loved being able to go into the backyard and run around. The "after" pictures are all the way at the bottom so you have to make it through the rest of the pictures to get to them. ;)

 Playing with Grandpa in the back yard, honking noses.
 Joshua started doing my little nose trick and I tried to get it on camera...this is as close as we got.
 Playing peek-a-boo with the ladder that was out.
 This was at the church playing with the donated outdoor toys.
 He loves these little cars! I need to save up and get him one for his birthday or something.
 We borrowed a bike trailer while we were there to see if we liked using it enough to buy one at home. We used to to bike to the pool a few times and it was a lot of fun! (Yes, we got one at home, and I've been using to get around town a lot this summer.)
 Ok, this is actually up at Colorado, but I just thought I'd add it in. He loved Mr. Potato head.
 Playing in the back yard.
 More playing in the back yard.
 We ate dinner outside on the patio furniture.
 Joshua's cheesy, goofy smile.
 My mom watches the neighbor kid, Hudson, a few times a week, and he and Joshua had fun together.
 Playing with his blanket in the living room.
 Playing with a bead track toy in the family room.
 Playing with tennis rackets around the house...see, I told you he was a busy busy boy around the house!
 Food storage all organized.


Andrea said...

I have seen those little cars on KSL classifies for pretty cheap prices, but maybe you want new. Also, way to go on the food storage organizing. That takes so much work.

Lisa~ said...

I'm glad Joshua enjoyed being here. What a cutie! I'm so proud of your hard work in our garage. Thank you getting us organized! :D

Ms. A said...

Amazing! I got inspired when you came and totally cleaned the porch out at my place. :-) Your parents backyard is amazing! I love the photographs, your son is so handsome. Btw, I've also seen those car things on Craigslist for majorly cheap too. Maybe try posting a Want in Freecycle? I bet someone has a nice one their kids have out grown.