Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Outside Pictures of New House

Here are pictures of the 4plex that we bought! We only have the pictures of the inside that the appraiser took because all 4 units are occupied currently. I won't be posting any of those for the privacy of the tenants. Here are some outside pictures I took today though! I'll post pictures of our apartment when we move in (December, pictures posted in January after we're all moved in). 
 East side of main house with Joshua and Daniel on the steps. Left door goes to upstairs apartment (2 bedroom, 1 bathroom). Right door goes to main floor apartment (3 bedroom, 2 bathroom) where we will be living.
 South side of main house. 3 car garage with each stall closed off so rentable to tenants. 
 Other side of driveway. I'm planning on ripping out those bushes and plant grapes along that fence. 
 A small area on the west side of the main house. I'm planning on this being the vegetable garden area. I'm thinking raised beds with paths between them and a main path along the house because tenants will need to walk there to the garage. 
 Same area, view from the other side of it. 
 Between the two houses to the back area. (Scaffolding from the painting we had to do to get our FHA loan.)
 Both houses from the north side. 
 The second house from the north side. It's not terribly interesting, just a square. (Two apartments, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom each.)
 Main house from the north. Separate entrance for the office area (3rd bedroom). 
 Main house with second house in the background from the north-east. We'll probably fence off the north side of the house for our dogs. 
The rest of the front yard. We're going to cut down the large tree down by the driveway because we don't want its roots ruining our nice new driveway, and the needles are also killing the grass. The two closer trees will probably go at some point, too, because they're a very messy kind of tree - there are seed pods everywhere. 


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Congrats! That is so exciting!

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SO Fun!! Congrats yall!!

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