Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Dogs

We have two dogs. One is a 2-year-old, dark honey colored pitt bull mix (possibly rhodesian ridge back, maybe greyhound), and the other is a 10 month old black lab mix (probably border collie - she has similar white patches). The brown one we call Monkey and the black one we call Panda. Yes, we aim to confuse our children as much as possible in the early years.
Tonight I was getting rather fed up with Monkey pacing and Panda licking my fingers. They both have other annoying traits, too. However, when I was in, brushing my teeth, I heard a noise from the hallway that sounded almost like my phone vibrating except my phone was in on the bed. I opened the door and Monkey started barking at the window directly across from the bathroom.
There was some creeper looking in our window!
No, actually, the reflection of me coming out of the bathroom was "looking in the window." That is why Monkey was only growling while I was in the bathroom (door partially closed) and why she barked when I started coming out.
Well, I was sure glad to know that if there were to be a creeper looking in the window, Monkey would have my back. Panda was just chilling, but ready to join in the fight if needed.

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