Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sleeping Arrangements

Joshua has been doing really well with his big boy bed. It's also his favorite toy right now. When we play in his room, most of the time is spent bouncing, jumping, and rolling off his bed to tell me that he is "ok!" He also loves it when I push him onto his bed. It looks almost abusive, but he just loves it - laughs his head off every time.
The other day I couldn't find any of his binkies anywhere, I can't remember if it was naptime or bedtime, so I just explained to Joshua that I couldn't find his binky and that he would have to sleep without it and he climbed in bed and went to sleep without it! Since then we have been binky free...except once when Dave put him down for a nap. I think I still haven't told him that we aren't doing binky anymore...I should do that.
Last night, when I went in to turn off the AC in Joshua's room, re-cover him with his blanket and leave the door ajar so he could get out in the morning when he woke up, I was surprised to find several toys and a stack of books in his bed with him. It's the first time he hasn't just gone to sleep. It was super cute.

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Carrie said...

this is too precious for words. i love it!