Tuesday, July 31, 2012

May NM Trip: Memorial Day in Colorado

The weekend I was in New Mexico happened to be Memorial Day weekend, so I thought it'd be a great idea to go visit my Grandma just north of us in Colorado for the day. I also thought it'd be appropriate to visit a cemetery full of my ancestors on Memorial Day. It was a bit windy, but it was a good trip. 
 Here is Joshua with his great great grandma (my dad's mom's mom) Ethel Gertrude Mickelsen Thomas.
 This is a picture of all of us (except my mom...taking the picture) with Ethel. It's a 5 generation picture!
 Here is my Grandpa Christensen who passed away 2 1/2 years ago. There is a spot reserved for my grandmother as well. I think my parents have a spot reserved just next to this, too. 
 We got someone to take our picture so we could all be in it. Left to Right: Mommy, Grandma, Uncle Wayne, Daddy, Joshua, Me, Daniel.
 Here is a picture of my dad and Uncle Wayne with my Uncle Francis who died before I was born. If Uncle Kent were there, this would be the 4 boys. 
 On the way back to my grandma's house, we noticed some funny looking cows. I think they're yaks!
 Of course while we were there Daniel had to pull out the riding lawn mower and take it for a spin.
 Joshua met Uncle Wayne's bangle cat named Jillian (Julian?).
 Ok, these are a bit out of order because they're from my camera and the previous ones are from my mom's camera (distinguishing feature: shadowy part to the left...not sure why, but it always does that now...boo). This was a little grave of Joshua's great great uncle Grant (my dad's mom's brother) who died shortly after his mom moved him and his 5 older siblings from Mexico to Colorado on a train by herself when she got sick of living down in Mexico by herself with her husband up in Colorado. (In the last of lds polygamy)
 Here he is with his great grandpa.
And here he is with his great uncle Francis.

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Lisa~ said...

Hey! I just looked at these pics today! The blog pics are a lot clearer if you click on them. :-) I think the funny cows must be yaks. At the LA Farmer's Market, a woman showed us yak wool yarn mixed with sheep wool or alpaca wool, etc. It's very popular now, apparently.