Friday, July 27, 2012

May: Rachel's Dance Recital

Ok, the main reason my mom came out in May was my niece's dance recital. Here are some cute pictures from it!
This was the youngest group at the recital and they were SO CUTE! They danced to the theme from Ducktales and it was stinkin' adorable!
This was Rachel's group. She is the tallest (third from right).
It was a cute jazz routine to some song. I don't remember what song.
Joshua and his cousin Abby. They're about 8 months apart.
Rachel with the flowers we got her after the recital.
What a cutie.
She insisted on having a tea party on the little table on stage with her mom when everything was over. It was the perfect tea party setting.
Her brother Justin wanted to go up on stage and dance the whole time and he was so sad when he couldn't!
Look at that toothless grin! :)

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