Tuesday, July 24, 2012

May: City Creek Center Mall Splash Pad

My mom came to visit in May for my niece's dance recital, and we did a few fun things while she was here. One of the things we did was go to the new mall in downtown Salt Lake City. It's probably my favorite mall. It is beautiful and it has a splash pad that is a blast for Joshua to play in. Next time I hope to remember to bring dry clothes so he doesn't have to be sopping wet or buck naked after playing. Here are some pictures and a video of Joshua playing in the water:

Yes, that is snot hanging down from his nose. Gross. :-P

You can see his clothes got droopier and droopier as they got wetter.
Don't worry, my mom has a firm grasp on the back of his shirt to prevent an unplanned swim in the fountain.
You can sort of see it in the background, but there are some fountains that spray up and hit a round disk shaped thing and it makes the water look like jellyfish. So cool!