Wednesday, July 18, 2012

February: Chelsea comes to visit and then we all go to California (Mostly pictures)

 Chelsea handing out presents from China and Hawaii
 All of the Christensen grandchildren
 All of the Christensen grandchildren with Grandma
 Rub a dub dub, 3 kids in the tub
Cousins sharing toys
 Penny and Naomi watching Shaun the Sheep in the morning while we get ready to go out
 Grandma and Penny on the train in the mall
 Joshua just posing for a picture in the mall train
 Getting ready to board the plane to California
 On the plane (he doesn't understand that the tray has to be up while taking off)
 Chelsea, Naomi, and Penny on the plane.
 Waiting to be picked up from the OAK airport
 Cousins in strollers
The first thing we did was visit Papa in the hospital. He had passed out earlier that day.
 Playing at the park in Walnut Creek when the wildlife center was closed
 Sending Chelsea and girls back to China (the worst flight of her life)
 Playing at the beach after dropping Chelsea at the SFO airport
 Cool panorama shot of the beach - there's two of me! :) hehehe
Playing in the sand at the beach
 Visiting Papa in the hospital waiting for him to be discharged (he had some stomach & esophagus problems while we were there)
 Playing with Sylvia in the hospital
 At the petting zoo section of the Oakland Zoo - brushing a goat
 Zoo attendees: my mom, Sylvia, Joshua, and me
 Playing with antique toys at Grammy & Papa's house
 Baby Jimmy with his Grandma, Auntie Karen
 Second cousins meeting  
 Playing with Bubbles at Aunt Sonia's house with Justin on Sunday
 Riding the steam train at Tilden park.
 Riding the Carousel at Tilden Park 
Petting the Cow at Tilden Park "Little Farm" - we didn't know to bring celery to feed the animals. We went again in June and had fun feeding the animals celery (see future post about it).

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Sean and Jennie said...

Your hair is getting so long! I love the picture of Joshua in the sand at the beach, he is so adorable!