Wednesday, July 25, 2012

May Camping 1

We went camping twice in May. Once it was just Dave, Joshua, and me. We headed south for about half an hour up to an area that Dave had been camping before, but the road was still closed for the winter so we just pulled off into a parking lot and hiked in a little bit to find an area good for camping. We forgot our box of flashlights, batteries, and other important things, so we headed back north to get it and come back.
When we first got there, Joshua was ready for some dinner, so we opened up a can of peaches. He and Dave ate them sitting on the tailgate. "What do you have there?"
"Oh! peaches! with a fork! let me see that fork!"
Since Joshua isn't good at keeping his covers on him, and he isn't old enough for a sleeping bag yet, we bundled him in a ton of clothes. A onesie, tight cotton pjs, warm fleece footie pjs, and fleece sweats and a jacket over those. Then we wrapped the bottom of his pack N play in a blanket, and covered him with two more blankets once he was asleep. I don't think he got cold.
In the morning, Dave took Joshua on a little hike (just wandered around the meadow a bit).
We brought Joshua's little camping chair, which he had a fun time sitting in.
"Gimme that camera!"
I think this is when some horses went by. 
Joshua sitting in his little camping chair.

Joshua sitting in Dave's big camping chair.
Just hanging out by the fire in the morning.
Marshmallows for breakfast!
After we ate breakfast and packed up camp, we went on a little hike on a trail nearby. I was feeding Joshua a sandwich, bite by bite, as we hiked.
The trail ended up being a dead end about a quarter mile in, but we had fun exploring none-the-less. 

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