Monday, July 25, 2011

Sink Chronicles: Day 6

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Day 6: Hot Spots

In Flylady's definition of Hot Spots she mentions that Hot Spots will grow and take over the whole room and that clutter attracts clutter. I think that my whole house is one big Hot Spot. Yuck.

Now it's time to bare my soul to you. I have nothing left to hide. Here are some pictures of my worst hot spots. Some of them don't look too bad, because I cleaned them up in the past month, but they can get just as bad as the worst ones. Here goes!

Bedside Table: This is where my hair ties, bobby pins, etc. end up as I take them out before bed. Note: The juice, cup, and water bottle were added to the stack right as I got online to type this up.

The table beside the rocking chair. Books, toys, and clothes get put here when I'm stuck in the chair nursing Joshua.

This is the classic "stuff that needs to go upstairs" and "quick, hide this pile behind the curtain when guests are coming" hot spot.

This one is a new one, living room couch right inside the door.

Coffee table, of course. Some of it is still from our trip to Tahoe.

This is the worst one in our house. It's the dining table, but we hardly ever dine on it. It's just a great central flat surface in the house to put things when you're on the way from one place to the next, especially mail.

This is Dave's hot spot. It's where he empties his pockets when he's changing. Receipts, money, pay stubs, business cards, keys, hats, oh my.

This is my pocket emptying station. I don't usually carry a ton in my pockets, but there are some deposit receipts, cash, lipstick, usually bobby pins, safety pins, jewelry that didn't quite make it into the jewelry box right above it, etc.

So those are the worst spots. Today I'm supposed to work on one of them for 2 minutes, and I think I'll tackle the dining table and I might cheat and work on the living room a bit, too.


Chelsea said...

I really think the only purpose of night stands is to collect junk. Our housekeeper is really good about organizing and clearing tables of crap, but when it came to my nightstand, she finally just got a box and dumped everything in. I am hopeless.

LisaBC said...

Chelsea has a cute cup for her earrings and small night stand stuff. She also put a nice basket on MY nightstand for my lotions.