Friday, July 22, 2011

Sink Chronicles: Day 3

Here goes another day in the Sink experience!

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Day 3: Do What We Have Already Done

Ok, I find myself peeking ahead a few days to see what tasks I have coming up. I honestly was a bit disappointed by this one. Do I really need to take a break in improving after two days!? So the goal today is to get all the way dressed, and keep the sink shiny all day, and shine it again before bed.

Well I showered and got dressed, and my sink is still shiny. Check. Ok, it also says to go sign up and check out "big tent." I guess this is where I start receiving bucket loads of emails. So far I've gotten two. I signed up to get 1 daily digest so I don't get 10-12 emails per day. When I did this, I used my "spam" address that I use for signing up for things like coupons, advice, etc. I noticed that I had to change my password and forgot to update it on my Blackberry, so I had a bunch of emails sitting in my inbox that I didn't know about! Luckily there wasn't anything too important.

Bring on the emails Flylady!

Side note: It's Laundry day, so I've already changed the towels, sheets, and run 3 loads of laundry! I also got our special dishwasher detergent/cleaner in the mail so I'm currently "shining" our dishwasher as well. Woohoo! Isn't it nice to have appliances that do most of the work for you!? Now I just need to get my garage key back so I can mow the lawn. Too bad it's not a riding mower.

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