Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sink Chronicles: Day 2

Click here if you missed Day 1.

Like I mentioned before, I'm cheating a bit by calling this Day 2 since I only finished Day 1 this morning. I'm OK with it though, are you?

Day 2: Get Dressed to Lace Up Shoes

Here is today's task description.

Honestly I think the way she labeled this is a little strange, grammatically. Oh, well. This morning (I think it was still morning...maybe noon) I showered and got dressed. I did not, however, lace up my shoes. It's summer, so I pretty much wear flip flops unless I'm mowing the lawn or exercising. Luckily I've been pretty good about this lately so it wasn't much of a change from my usual.

The purpose of these baby steps is to build a routine, so naturally, on Day 2, I still have to do Day 1's task and this will continue through the rest of the 31 days. Day 1's task was to shine the sink. Luckily I don't have to do the 3 hour process daily, or it would never get done. On Flylady's Shiny Sink 101, she also had some tips on how to keep the sink shiny. My favorite tip was to keep a towel by the sink to dry out the sink every time you use it or leave the kitchen. (Change the towel daily.) The idea is that you'll get into that habit, as will the rest of your family. Also, don't put any dirty dishes in your sink! Put them in the dishwasher. If you don't have a dishwasher, put a dish tub under the sink and put them there.

We tend to stack ours on the counter next to the sink anyway, so it's not a change for us to not put them in the sink. How can you use the sink if it's full of dishes? Also, they get all slimy and gross when you put them in the sink. Our problem is that the dishwasher doesn't get emptied when the load is finished washing, so the dirty dishes can't go in until the clean dishes are taken out. Today I will be emptying the clean dishes so I can put the dirty dishes in. Tonight before I go to bed, I will wash the few hand dishes, and then windex my sink again.

Update: I just found this page on Flylady's website. Apparently there's more to putting on her shoes that she lets on in her baby steps pages. Not sure if I'm up to wearing tie-up shoes every day.


Carrie said...

yeay! i'm excited to see how it goes for you! looks like you're off to a great start!

Christin said...

Lace-up shoes all the time does sound hard. But I do see the point... way too often when I have a day off, I bum around until 4pm, when I rush to do everything. But still... lace-up shoes...

LisaBC said...

I guess you've noticed that I almost always wear lace-up shoes, right? ;-) If I wear flip flops, there are certain tasks that don't get done: gardening, cleaning, walking. I used to be a bare footed girl as much as possible, but I got used to shoes pretty fast once I saw that I do my work better in them. :-)

Sally Lou said...

I have some slip-on shoes that I do my gardening in.