Monday, December 9, 2013

Dream 12/8/13

I've been having some crazy dreams. I thought it'd be fun to make a record of them so I can remember how crazy they are. Since they are dreams, don't count on this being super coherent. Last night's dreams:
I was given a package to deliver because I was a war spy or something. I want to say that the package was bombs of some sort. Something crucial to help the effort. I was dropped off (think google maps view of the world, zooming in on an area) in Austria or southern Germany somewhere and I had to trek across the country to a certain area without being seen. There were other people also trying to deliver packages in other parts of the world and we were racing to try and get to our destinations first. I took trains and bikes and walked. It was like a giant game of fugitive.
Then it morphed into a different dream where I was going to school (unclear if it was high school or college, it had aspects of both). I was wearing overalls and a long sleeved shirt. I had homework to do, but I went to the football/basketball game. It was a few games of several teams on different fields at the same time and it lasted all night. By the time it was over, both my teams had lost quite miserably and it was time for school again. I had to figure out how to change my clothes, get my homework done, and get to school and I was overly tired since I had been up all night. I vaguely remember Matt and Lisa Beard at the games.

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