Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dream 12/10/13

Again I had 2 dreams last night. I'm wondering if I have one dream per REM cycle or if I have both dreams twice or 3 times.
The first dream was pretty vague and not too interesting. Something about picking up my grandma from Colorado with enough time to get back to New Mexico for church. Something about a train, too. That's about it.
The second dream wasn't as much of an adventure dream as I've been having recently. It was actually a business idea. The idea was to start a towel company. You know how hotels all have the plain white towels and sheets? They come around every day and take the used ones and replace with clean ones. Well, what if that was offered in apartment complexes around here, only weekly. (I'm just realizing now that where Chelsea lived in DC it was done that way.) It would be one more thing college students wouldn't have to worry about and it would be included in their rent. Well I dreamed I bought the big, nice, white, fluffy towels from Costco and the agreement was $20/apartment per month. The towels would be counted, inspected, and washed each week. If a towel was missing or damaged, the apartment would have to pay $6 for it. Then I started thinking about how we'd have to make sure and have washing products that would kill bed bugs and lice so that those wouldn't get spread rampantly around the complexes. Of course now that I'm awake, I realize that no one would want to pay $20/month when they can just buy and launder their own towels for much cheaper. In my dream though, I had started it with this apartment of girls and they kept putting camisoles and blouses in with their towels in the laundry bags that would be collected. I kept thinking, "How do you not understand that this is just for towels? Where are your towels? They need to be washed weekly or they'll get so gross."
Maybe if I own an apartment complex some day I'll make it partially furnished with couches, beds, towels, and sheets, and I'll offer the weekly laundering service. I'd have to get some of those giant washing machines and dryers. They'd cost more per month, but it'd be nice. I wouldn't mind having someone wash my towels and sheets for me weekly. That's 2 or 3 loads I wouldn't have to do myself. If they were the nice fluffy towels from Costco, too that'd be an added bonus. Next time I buy towels (I've never bought towels...we are just using those we got for our wedding and those Dave had previously and those I had that were hand-me-downs from Chelsea. They all have bleach stains from acne medicine on them.) I will get the big white fluffy ones from Costco. They will all be white so they won't get bleach stains on them and I'll be able to throw them in with my other whites with hot water to save time, energy, and water. Oh, and since they'd all be white they'd all match and they'd all go with everything (except if I decide to decorate in off-white or something--I don't see me doing that).

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