Monday, December 16, 2013

Dream 12/15/13

I can't believe it's already been 4 days since I posted a dream. I have had dreams, but they weren't terribly noteworthy. Last night I had 2 dreams again. The first one was about visiting Chelsea and Kevin in some foreign land and we went on a long walk. When we got back to their house, turns out their 2 girls had just been alone at home the whole time with the front door ajar. I was shocked, but they said they did it all the time, usually when they were napping and it was no big deal because they never left or got into any trouble or anything. Then a friend of mine stopped by to pick up something I had borrowed from her (a pen?).
The second dream I'll definitely categorize as a nightmare. It wasn't scary, or rather I wasn't scared or bothered by it in the least until the very end and it disturbed me to the point of waking. I dreamed my friend Molly and I were walking around in a city (where we lived) and we found this coin that was bigger than a nickel but smaller than a quarter and on it it said "9 cents" and it was a token to get into a secret club. Then we found a paper that had the instructions on how to get there. It was in a subway station and the paper was actually an old subway ticket. So Molly and I went to go try and find it. Molly was a klepto pick-pocket and she kept taking things from me like the coin, the paper, and a picture of Joshua. Turns out I realized that Joshua was missing and whoever had given us the coin and the paper/map had found Joshua and taken him there. We found the subway station and we had to wait until a certain train had left and the other two had arrived. Molly wanted to get on the one train because it went right to her house, but I told her we had to go find Joshua. Then we ran into the tunnel of the one that was gone and there was a little escalator that went up to the second level and there was a big empty room and then in a back, dark room there were a bunch of people playing games and eating junk food and they were all just chowing down and gambling and all sorts of ruckus. I went to go find someone that looked like they were in charge and Molly went to go look around for a game to play/something to eat. I found a huge fat guy and showed him my picture of Joshua and asked if he had seen him. He said he hadn't and I turned around and Joshua was literally right in front of him at a little table of little kids his age and they were all slumped against each other and glazed eyes and not moving. I ran over and went to pick him up and HE SAID, "Joshua! I found you!" Right before I did and he didn't really respond when I picked him up. That woke me up. It was creepy. Like he had been brain washed or something. A strange part of the dream was I felt no urgency or fear for finding Joshua until that very last moment when he was all slumpy and glazed over.

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