Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dream 12/16/13

Ok, here goes. First dream was at home in NM. I woke up and it was snowing. Out on the front lawn were strewn a bunch of skis, poles, and bicycles. I guess what had happened was Alex and Daddy had been planning on going skiing, but at the last minute they couldn't go because of weather or something and Alex freaked out and chucked everything out on the lawn in the snow and had run off to sulk. Then Mari Padilla and Samantha Pompeo came by to look at the bikes. There were mountain bikes and road bikes of all sizes and kids bikes and bmx bikes--all sorts of bikes. They were test-riding all of them one by one to see what kind they liked best...in the snow.
In the second dream Joshua and I went to a huge ranch up in the mountains south of here (which I think I've dreamed about before - it's a fictional place though). It turns out the owner is a distant cousin of Daddy's and I told him that we were related. He was having a huge rodeo and a bunch of people got to dress up in old-western clothing for it to ride his horses around. Since I was related he let me dress up, too but the only clothes he had left were frumpy, bulky, nasty clothes. He declared that I got to be "the devil's bride" for the rodeo and threw a white afghan over my head. I didn't want to be that, but whatever. I guess Joshua got to dress up as the groom and that would be funny. I went to go find Joshua and he was playing with some other boys with some toy cannons that shot little baseball sized cannon balls. And that's it.

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