Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TIME! Is marching on. And time.. is still marching on.

I love calendars. I try to have several up, and I’m sure I’d love having 1 per room if I could. There are currently 5 in my cubicle at work. I always hope for at least one as a Christmas present each year (hint hint hint). I can just visualize time better if I can see the day on the calendar.

Tangent: For some reason I also am much better at reading clocks if they’re analog. If I see a digital clock, I have to convert it in my head to analog before I know what time it is. Backwards, I know. I’m analog in a digital word.

On that note, I like to plan my months out, and then I always have something to look forward to.

For example:

2 days until Thursday, November 4th – Perinatologist Appointment – I get to see my baby again, and find out where/when I’ll be delivering him. (I hope they give me more pictures this time.)
Then 5 days until Tuesday, November 9th – Stampin’ Up Club – I get to play with stamps!
Then 1 day until Wednesday, November 10th – Book Club – Girls’ night! Oh I guess discussing the book will be fun, too.
Then 2 days until Friday, November 12th – OB Dr. Appointment – …meh, measure vitals, weight, heartbeat, belly size, and then “see ya in two weeks.”
Then 1 day until Saturday, November 13th – 1st baby shower! Yayyyyy!
Then 12 days until November 25th and 26th – Thanksgiving!!!!!! (no work!)
Then 1 day until Saturday, November 27th – 2nd baby shower! Yayyyyy!
Then 4 days until Wednesday, December 1st – December! White Rabbit! (Oh, and happy birthday, Alex.)
Then 14 days until Wednesday, December 15th – Last day I absolutely HAVE to work if I use no vacation or sick time until then (knock on wood). Baby, stay in until then, please.
Then 10 days until Saturday, December 25th – Due date and Christmas!

The longest stretches are 12 days, 14 days, and 10 days, but I’m sure those will be broken up by doctor appointments, etc, but I’ll add that to my plans and calendars when they’re closer and scheduled.


Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

I think you must be ready for that baby! Do you like picture calenders or tear off day by day calenders? I like the ones that have something funny each day, then I can look forward to ripping off the next one.

Carrie said...

i'm like you with the clock. during the night i like to know how many hours i have left until morning. so i look at my cell phone and then my watch. i can't go by just my watch because it has no numbers and it's easy to be a few hours off. ;-) BOTH are essential.

so maybe that's why we're similar with loving calendars so much... i always knew i was a visual person but hadn't realized the calendars/analog clocks thing. do you also have a thing for maps? i do.

Smart Helm said...

I have my planner I carry around everywhere with me. I have to see the whole month at once so I can see how long everything is away. Is that the same as having a calender in every room?

Lydia said...

Waiting is the absolute worst!! Good Luck LoL