Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pregnancy Update - Perinatologist Appt. #3?

I had the long awaited appointment with the Perinatologist this morning.

As usual, the ultrasound tech did the usual measurements. I made sure to ask for pictures this time. I even asked for a 3D picture, which I wasn’t able to get because baby boy was being a stinker. She said that according to his measurements, he’s about 5 lbs 1 oz, which is in the 65 percentile for 32 weeks and 5 days.

Then the Perinatologist came in and did some more ultrasound and explained a bit more about what’s going on. She said that he has a big head and a very long femur, which is really what pushes his weight up. (Surprise! Our kid has a large head and a long femur…who could have ever guessed!?)

On to the more important things: She tried to look at his neck, but he was shielding his face and neck with his hands, arms, and umbilical cord (which is why the 3D picture didn’t work).

She was eventually able to look at the neck from the back and the esophagus looks smaller from one angle, but about the same from another angle. She was able to clearly see the vocal chords, his swallowing, his stomach, and my fluid levels are still fine. Based on that she told us that we could deliver here locally but only if we go to that hospital, since it’s the biggest and they have a great neonatology, nicu, etc. However if we still want to deliver up at the U just in case, she can arrange that.

I’m scheduled for another ultrasound in 4 more weeks, and then non-stress tests weekly thereafter until I deliver to make sure that my fluid levels remain stable.

So now the big question is, where do I want to deliver? I think there are definitely pros and cons to either choice. If I deliver here, I can just go into labor when I naturally go into labor. If I deliver at the U, I have to be scheduled and induced. If I deliver here, there’s a chance he will need to be taken to Primary Children’s, and then I’d be transferred up to the U for recovery. If I deliver up at the U, I will be further away from home with a doctor I don’t know, and I’m not a huge fan of that.

I think I am leaning more on the side of delivering locally, but if needs be, I still have time to change my mind.


Clare said...

I liked being able to drive down the road to the hospital when Cami was born. We had to go 45 minutes when Adam was born, but thankfully our trip didn't include an I 15-like highway. I would choose local just for the fact that you wouldn't have to be induced. I can't say enough how much easier my life was when I went into labor on my own with Adam. If I never have to be induced again, it will be too soon.

Carrie said...

are we voting? i vote local. i've heard bad, painful things about being induced so i would try to avoid it. but that's just me.

happy choosing!

Maggie & Nate said...

I heard bad things abt being induced...but for me (after I was induced) it went very well!!!
let us know what u choose

Smart Helm said...

Good luck deciding. I'm sure others will have much to add to ur pro con list.

I need ur address... if u want wonderful beautiful awesome things in the mail :-) Please email me! (ask ur sister 4 my address)

Joslyn and Devin said...

Being induced is so dumb- ok I thought it was. Instead of gradually working up to the pain, it's like I got hit by a truck and it felt like all my insides wanted to be on my outside. I'll never do it again unless i'm way over my due date. In my opinion the only positive thing is you get to plan more or less when you're having your baby. If that's really important to you, then do it.

Mike + Mo said...

Yikes... that is a large pro/con list I'm sure... I don't know what I'd do, so I can't tell ya.

Good Luck! I'm sure Oliver Frederick will be perfect tho...