Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grape: Part 1

Remember last year when I picked our grapes and made grape jam? Well, honestly, it wasn’t very good, and I didn’t even finish the tiny bottle that I made (it got moldy!).

This year we got a TON of grapes. I was just hoping for twice as much (last year I got about 3 cups of good grapes). There were probably 10 times as many grapes this year. Unfortunately I was a slacker and only got around to picking them on Saturday. All the leaves had fallen off the vine, and a lot of the grapes had, too. Probably half of them had been sucked dry by something (dry air? bugs? birds?). I spent a few hours going through them to separate the good grapes from the bad grapes. I ended up with 3 colanders full of grapes!
I used most of one colander (4 ½ cups) to make this pie recipe. I used the pie crust recipe from that red checkered/plaid cookbook that everyone has for the bottom crust. I was super nervous because of the jam turn out last year.

Here’s how it turned out:

Beautiful, huh?

Well, I didn’t get a chance to try it that night, because we were already late for dinner, and then had a birthday party to go to afterwards. So I had some for breakfast this morning, of course.


Who ever thought grape pie would be so good!? I was a doubter. It tastes like cherry pie (consistency-wise) but flavored grape. I want to make another one, but squeezing the skins off each individual grape seriously takes forever. I’m going to try to make grape jelly with the rest of the grapes. I hope it works. Stay tuned for the results.


Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

I'm so impressed at your domesticity! I've never had grape pie, make it for me the next time I'm in town please

Mike + Mo said...

Yeah, reading this made my mouth water... Congrats on the yummy pie!

Carrie said...

i didn't even know grape pie existed. kinda looks like pecan pie. VERY IMPRESSIVE. especially since you had to peel the grapes. i mean, seriously?!?! glad it turned out so well!!!

Smart Helm said...

I've never heard of a grape pie. Whooda thunk?

Lindsey said...

I have never heard of Grape Pie but it sounds good and yours looks amazing! You go you domestic goddess you!