Tuesday, October 5, 2010


On Sunday I started feeling like I had to pee all the time. I’m not saying it felt like there was a little more pressure than usual. You know what it feels like when your bladder is so full that you’re scared to walk to the bathroom for fear of peeing your pants? It felt like that…all day.
After trying remedies to get the baby to move and hopefully relieve some pressure, I decided it was probably a bladder infection. On Monday I called the doctor to see if I should come in, or if I should just consume enough cranberry juice to turn my skin pink.
They had me go pee in a cup at the lab, and, well, I’m still waiting to hear back. Meanwhile I’ve been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice and peeing as often as possible. I’ve even been setting my alarm to wake me to pee a few times throughout the night.
Side note: Last night when my 3am alarm went off and I returned to re-set my alarm again, I noticed I had an email time-stamped at 3am from my brother, Alex, who is on his mission in Germany. Usually he emails in the middle of Sunday night. We exchanged emails for a half an hour or so while he was burning 18 copies of General Conference to give to people.
I’ve been feeling better in the bladder area, since Sunday, so hopefully it’s getting better, but I’ll give the doctor a call tomorrow to make sure I’m not turning into a Britta water filter.


Anonymous said...

Horrible! Even worse when you're pregnant!! SOOO sorry I hope you feel better soon!!

Smart Helm said...

Get well soon? Bodies are kinda weird, huh.