Friday, October 8, 2010

UTI Update

So I peed in a cup on Monday morning for a urine analysis, right? Well, yesterday (Thursday) I finally called the doctor to see if I was dying or not. They told me, "Well, the initial analysis showed that something's going on, but the culture can take up to 72 hours, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow for that. For now we're going to put you on this antibiotic. It's important that you start taking it right away and take all the doses." Uh, thanks for letting me know when you got the results on Monday or Tuesday.
I'm not too happy with the service I get from this doctor's office. *I* have to call in to find out the results from my test, which are that I should be on antibiotics. Also, last time I counted, 72 hours is 3 days...I left the sample on Monday morning...Tuesday (1)...Wednesday (2)...Thursday (3)...yup, that's 3 days.
Also, when I had my 20 week ultrasound, *I* had to bring up to the doctor that there was something fishy on his neck, or she would have never even noticed.
Are all OB doctors so un-personable and busy because everyone and their mom are having babies around here, or did I just pick the wrong one? What has been your experience with OB doctors around here?
On the other hand, I really like the Perinatologist. She knows exactly who I am and what the situation is without me having to remind her. She had even done RESEARCH on her own time about the problem.


Smart Helm said...

Um... all I have to say is good luck!

Clare said...

I went to Provo OB/GYN, and I was pretty happy with them. There were doctors I loved and ones that were just okay. I ended up seeing one that I liked alright most often (he was also the one who delivered Cami). I had a good experience at UVRMC also, but I found that when I delivered Adam, I had a more personal experience. I didn't feel like I was in the factory at the time - nothing bad happened - but my second experience was more personal. I adore my OB here in Wisconsin, but I think it's her personality more than anything.

Lindsey said...

I have always had to call myself to get test results, but military health care has never had a great reputation. If you don't like your OB you should ask to switch! Even if it's just a personality thing, you want to see someone you at least click with on some level! So glad to hear you like your peri though!

Anonymous said...

I loved American Fork. My Dr was great, but I new she was always in a hurry but she was still REALLY nice and took the time to focus on me and any concerns I had. Most of the time I saw the nurse practitioner who was also really nice and then my actual Dr for like 2 mins until it got closer to the end. I'm sorry yours sucks! I have heard there are those out there like that. I hope she gets better though and everything turns out great!!

The Fleming Family said...

Oh man!! I never had to call for anything! They always let me know right away. I even got calls from my doctor at 9 at night on their cell phone to tell me what was going on and not to worry. I would get a new doctor! That sounds scary! Especially with the issue with the baby! Good luck!

Vanessa Goertzen said...

Mine in AF was wonderful and attentive. He took an interest in what Kevin and I were doing. He even got tickets to Kevin's play! (Coincidentally, it turned out to be the night Olive was born, ha ha, but he still made it!) I would say it is never too late to switch. It is more important to feel you are in capable hands. Let me know if you want his info!