Monday, October 11, 2010


Note: the point of this post is not to get the response “oh, you’ll be so busy being a mom, you have no idea.” I’m also not trying to offend anyone—so please take the next couple of paragraphs with a grain of salt:

Honestly, I’m nervous about being a stay at home mom. After being either in school and working, or just working full time for years now (almost my whole life, except summers growing up), I’m not sure what people do all day at home. Somehow they fill their days, right? Yes, I know at first I will have the job of food supply, and then I’ll have a toddler running around getting into everything. But, women everywhere are able to work full time jobs and have children that they take home. I want to be a stay at home mom, but I also want something to satiate my need for keeping busy.

Example: On Labor Day, I had gotten all my chores done on the Saturday prior and had nothing to do (except my big list of to-dos that I’m avoiding), and I started wondering what “occupation” (in addition to being a mom) I will have once I’m not working full time anymore.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could make millions in the process?

Well I’ve been thinking about my friends Jacob and Kalli, who are quite successfully supporting themselves via an internet business. I watched an interview they had recently. You’ll need to watch it to know what I’m talking about:

As Jacob says, “If you have something that you absolutely know will give value, then it’s just a matter of being yourself and telling the truth.” Of course, it has to be something that has a good market to sell, too. I mean, I could be passionate about something like how to pick my nose, but I’m pretty sure there’s not a market for that.

Kalli has been telling me about how great this opportunity is for a while, so I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of something that I am passionate enough about. I’ve realized that I’m a pretty flakey, A.D.D. person who doesn’t really get passionate about one thing. I usually try things and then move on to something else. I could give you dozens of examples.

Let’s leave that subject for a bit, and move on to another: Blogging. There are many people out there these days that make quite a bit by blogging. Again, I don’t think my life is interesting enough to get millions of followers that click on links enough to pay me the big buck$. Here we have the same problem – I don’t have enough passion about one thing. I don’t have something original and fresh to offer the people of the world.

Today, I put a couple of thoughts together and came up with what I have to offer the world! I can also do it while being a stay at home mom quite easily. I’m VERY excited about it, and I can’t wait until I can get it up and running.

No, you can’t know what it is yet! I don’t want people stealing my idea.


Anonymous said...

well it looks as though you have a passion for making things, you could always do that. Those are awesome that you have made all those.

Mike + Mo said...

Congrats! I feel special to know what your idea is.. I can't wait to see how you do it!

Carrie said...

i've thought for a while that you should sell your cool stuff on etsy. well, the cool stuff that's not for baby girl (or your baby boy walter claude whatever) at least...

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

Sarah, I'm honored to be on your blog. You have to tell me your idea! We should chat soon. Also, the video doesn't make clear that wasn't our net profit...we pay out 75 percent to our affiliates, have business expenses, etc...But internet business is a great thing, especially I think it makes sense for a SAHM.

SLF said...

Oh, yeah, Kalli, I know it's not your take-home profit or anything. Companies have overhead, especially if you have resellers, etc.

Jenny said...

I know what you aren't wanting is the "you'll be so busy" :) but it did make me think about the way every SAHM (or even working moms) handles and runs her house differently. Whether it's meal planning, activities with children, etc. nobody does it just the same and you will find what works for you. I feel like now that I have 2 busy older children there is hardly a minute during the day to do anything not related to them (why I'm typing this at 6:30am before they wake up!!) but there was a time when I did have down time during the day, just not anymore (unless I put on a movie!) So I can definitely see how at first when you are transitioning home with one young baby how you will have time to fill however you choose. And maybe there will be another season of life when things are busier, possibly with more children, that would have to change. But I think it's great that you have passions and are trying to figure out things to do at home that excite you, I'm excited to hear! :)