Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pregnancy Update - Perinatologist Appt. #2

Tuesday morning I had my second Perinatologist appointment. Here’s the news:
The baby is now head down, thank goodness. He was lying on his side/stomach though, so it was hard for them to get a good view of the esophagus, which is what they were trying to examine.
She measured all the important bits like his femur, skull, stomach, my fluid, etc. From those measurements we know the following:
He’s measuring at 30 weeks even though I’m 28 weeks and 3 days.
He’s a little over 3 lbs already.
My fluid levels are normal (14 cm).
His stomach is visible.
His esophagus is visibly smaller.
The doctor had looked up a plethora of case studies on this type of problem and she found only 6 babies that had the same symptoms (enlarged esophagus, but still swallowing right, fluid levels not high, visible stomach). All 6 of the babies’ esophagi were normal by week 33 and none of them had chromosomal problems, like down syndrome. I know 6 babies isn’t much of a statistic to go off of, but I am going with that being a good sign.
They have me scheduled for another ultrasound on November 4th, when I’m 32 and a half weeks along. If the esophagus is still enlarged then, they’ll schedule a day for me to deliver up at U of U when I’m about 39 weeks along. If it’s not enlarged anymore, I’m assuming I can deliver any day I go into labor, and anywhere I choose.
So...good news!


Cherisse said...

Yeah, good news! Thanks for the email you had Chelsea send us. I'll have to remind Ryan, so hopefully he does it!

Mike + Mo said...

Wow! That is way good news! They said it has gotten smaller!? Phew!

I needed some good news today! Yay!

Clare said...

It's so nice to have your mind put at ease - glad to hear!

Chelsea said...

Good! It's scary to find problems with the baby, but on the other hand, it's so nice that doctors can be prepared for problems that might arise. I hope he heals completely!

Carrie said...

you inspire me with how calm and level headed and upbeat you are. i'm so grateful for this good news! i sure do love you sawah.

Jenny said...

Yea! I am glad things are looking so positive! Keep it up!

Sean and Jennie said...

Sounds like good news to me! I will keep praying for you:)

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

Yay! Keep it up, baby Franz!! :)

Smart Helm said...

That is good news! Here's good thoughts for the next appointment :-)

QuinnerTheWinner and AnnieBannanie said...

That is great to hear! Very encouraging news to be sure! You da'woman!

The Fleming Family said...

I'm really glad to hear that. Maybe there are a lot more cases that were not recorded where the doctors can read them or just plain not detected. I hope you are doing well. I sure know that with the hormones and bad news looming, it is hard to keep calm or just not worrying about it all of the time.
I'm so happy you got good news!