Thursday, May 2, 2013

I took a nap today

So I can't sleep now. Here are other reasons I can't sleep:
- I'm too cold! Dave is my heater, and he is at work. I get so cold at night, and Dave always just radiates heat. Since he works most nights I've had to (can't think of the word I mean...has 3 syllables, ends in -ise, not customize...) IMPROVISE! I have 4 rice bags that I warm up and surround myself with.
- I took a nap today. Even if I am too tired to function, if I take a nap longer than 20 minutes during the day, I have a hard time falling asleep at night.
- I drank a pepsi. After my too-long nap, I had a pepsi to shake that post-nap grogginess. It was close to bedtime for a pepsi.
- I'm hungry. I just realized I only had 2 oreos (double stuffed!) And half a serving of nasty, leftover mac & cheese for dinner, but I've already brushed my teeth. Oh, I guess I had most of an apple, too.
- My brain won't be quiet. Yesterday, I squished a spider with a shoe, but when I lifted the shoe, there was no spider on the shoe or wall. It will haunt me for days. I realized I forgot to hang the jeans I washed yesterday. I need to plan my prep for Women's Conference tomorrow morning.
Ok, I've got my hot rice bags, I ate two more cookies (butter cookies this time) and I've written this all down. Maybe I can sleep now. Goodnight!


Lisa~ said...

I LOVED using your rice bags at night! They made me smile as I fell asleep. :-)
What is Women's Conference prep?
Good night.

Sarah Franz said...

Prep = just getting dressed, assembling my stuff (note pad, cross stitch, snacks, etc.), and getting Joshua ready to go.