Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Wood Anniversary!

Today was our 5th anniversary! It's crazy how fast those 5 years have flown by. We celebrated by not seeing each other more than 45 minutes, all of which I spent showering and getting ready to go. I did get our rings out of the jewelry box so we could be married again though (we left them home from our cruise).
The reason we didn't see each other was because I went to women's conference! It was amazing and I loved all the classes I went to. I'll post my favorite insights another time.
Joshua went to go play with Opa, Nathaneal, and Scott (or "Opa, Aniel, Cott" as he called them) and had a fun time. He went right down for bed tonight (didn't even get out of bed once!) and he even napped a good 3 hours at Grandma and Opa's house. Dave stopped by to put him down for his nap before he headed to work.
It's amazing how exhausting sitting in classes all day is. I'm plumb tuckered out.

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