Monday, April 18, 2011

St. George - The Windy City?

Last week we went down to St. George. We went mostly because we have a client down there for our tech support company but Joshua and I tagged along as well for a little mini-vacation.

We drove down on Tuesday. Joshua slept for two hours in the car, then I woke him to feed him, and then ten minutes back on the road he fell asleep again for the remaining two hours. He had a little stuffy nose last week so I was glad he was able to sleep the whole way to help him get over his cold. We stopped by our clients for a bit and then went to dinner at Pancho & Lefty's. Then we crashed at a Howard Johnson hotel for the night because there was no room available at our timeshare that night. Joshua spent his first night in a pack & play and slept like a champ.

Wednesday Dave worked on computers and talked to a few of the other companies nearby to see if they would be interested in our services. While he did that I window shopped at the outlet mall and went a few other places to find a swimming suit for Joshua. I ended up finding a really cute suit, swim shirt, and sunglasses at The Children's Place in the outlet mall.

Waiting for me to try on shoes.

I was hoping to be able to get in a swim while we waited for Dave to finish up, since it was nice and warm, but it got super WINDY (55 mph gusts), so we opted against swimming. Then we met my aunt for dinner at the Bent Fork, which is a Italian Southwest Grill (italian food infused with a southwestern flair, a.k.a. green chile). It was delicious and we had enough leftovers for dinner the next night, too.

Thursday Dave went fixing computers again while Joshua and I stayed at the resort. We got ready for swimming, and Dave came home and hung out with us at the pool for a little while. It was still windy, so we didn't stay long. That night we went down to the hot tub though. Joshua sat in the bumbo on the deck while we soaked. I wish I had gotten a picture of that.

Friday we headed back home so Dave could go to work that evening. Joshua slept most of the way back again and I definitely think it helped him get over his cold completely.


Joslyn and Devin said...

looks like fun! man that is so lucky that Joshua sleeps in the car so well. Nothing can make a little road trip seem longer than a screaming baby!

Sean and Jennie said...

What a cutie! I love those swim trunks!