Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Day

Today I had a ton of things to do, and I did a ton of those things. Now I'm taking a break before I do the rest of those things.

I...(*inhale dramatically*)

Got up at 9:15, fed Joshua, took a shower while Joshua was in his cow chair, put him down for a nap, drove up to North O to get my Safety and Emissions check on the Nissan (which has been dead for 6 months and is now among the living again but expired), remembered I needed Dave's pay stubs from the Tahoe (which he took to the body shop, but was stopping by to get some stuff), drove south to find Dave (he wasn't answering his phone), found out Dave was more north than I was, drove north and met Dave at Target, discovered he could only find one of the pay stubs, drove home to find the others, made a huge mess looking for the stubs, left without the stubs, discovered some checks that needed to be deposited, deposited the checks, got Joshua's birth certificate, fed Joshua, went to a WIC appointment, got approved without the pay stubs, drove south to where I thought the DMV was, looked up the DMV's address on my phone, drove north to where the DMV is, tried to register the car (it failed emissions), got a temporary permit so I can drive legally, went home to take my antihistamine, got my allergy shots, picked up some swim diapers from a friend where I used to work (THANKS!), fed Joshua, stopped by home again to get baby bjorn, stopped by body shop to get Dave's sunglasses from the Tahoe, went to Walmart to buy swim trunks (they didn't have any smaller than 12 months), pacifier thermometer (to test for baby fever), baby tylenol (to reduce possible baby fever), baby orajel (to soothe baby teething pain?), and humidifier (to reduce baby stuffiness), drove home, fed Joshua, bathed Joshua, put Joshua down for the night.

Meanwhile poor little Joshua is being toted around with me everywhere, naps interrupted, being undressed, weighed, measured, in and out of the car, etc. all with a stuffy nose, possible fever, crying, chewing on everything, and slobbering. The poor little guy just wanted to sleep, and I sat in the car and let him sleep some for a while longer when I got to a destination (he'd fall asleep if I drove more than 5 minutes).

Right now I'm taking a break from my productive day but my pillow is calling me louder and louder, so I may just go answer it instead of finishing up my long list of to-dos today. Zzzzzz....

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Lydia said...

haha now I have the right one listed! One summer we lived in pittsburg and when it would rain, there would be worms all over the sidewalk.....dead ones and it smelled funny LoL