Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today was the first time Joshua mean...let's start over.

Today was the first time Joshua was babysat. Yes, Dave and I finally had a date night with just us! I've been a little paranoid about leaving Joshua with someone. I'm more worried that he'll scream his head off the whole time and they won't know what's wrong, and will never want to watch him again (which I know from experience is really a rough thing to go through). So we picked the most baby-savvy person we know to watch him while we went out: My brother Alex.

Ok, I'm exaggerating again. I don't think he's even ever changed a diaper before. But not to worry, Joshua goes to bed at about 8pm, and we left at about 8:30pm, meaning all Alex did was, literally, sit.

To be posted tomorrow: Joshua's Doctor Woes

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