Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update and Spring Cleaning!

I haven't worked on the couch a ton lately. I sewed the front panel together and added some fabric that will be covered by the cushions. I plan to work on it this week though. I can possibly get the striped part finished! Depends on how much time I have on Saturday to work on it.

Yesterday I was in a grumpy funk after lunch and I couldn't figure out quite why. I realized when I got home that it was probably because our kitchen was a complete mess. It was disgusting. So I put on my rubber gloves, and got to work.

I should have taken a before picture, and an after picture of the kitchen. It was drastic. I did all the dishes, even the hand-washing. I wiped off all the counters (Dave helped), and then I decided to tackle the pantry.

Last summer we had an ant problem, so we bought a few packs of ant poison to put around the house, and it took care of them. However...we had an apple box full of candy in our pantry that got devoured by the ants. I finally got to going through it and throwing out the bad candy, marshmallows, etc. Then I went through all our canned foods that we tote with us from apartment to apartment through our lives. Some of the cans expired in 2006! Yuck! Now I can actually tell what food we have in our pantry!

Don't look at the fridge! I haven't gotten to going through the junk all over it yet!


Michael + Molly said...

I totally agree with this. When my house is dirty, I'm totally stressed out and a grump. Glad I'm not the only one that has this complex...

I HATE grocery shopping... do you..?

Anonymous said...

I wish you wre here to clean my house and re do my couches too!! Haha good luck with all of you projects!!

brenna said...

Hurray! What a great feeling. Glad you're feeling better!