Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Dave loves to eat Chili-mac (mac & cheese with a can of chili mixed in). He eats it about 3 times per week on average. Sometimes, if there isn't a clean pan, he'll just rinse out the pan he used last to make a new batch. I keep telling him he'll get food poisoning, but he keeps not getting food poisoning.

Chapter 1:

Today I got home for my lunch break and a pot of water was boiling on the stove while Dave was in the office on the phone, so, being the helpful person I am, I put his mac & cheese in for him and put in a box for me as well, not thinking to see if he had washed the pan. I realized as I was draining it, that the outside was still dirty with chili. Of course I was a little grossed out, but it had boiled, so all the bacteria was probably dead anyway.

Chapter 2:

Dave had finished his phone call and so he came in to cook the chili. (I may be a nice person, but I'm wearing white pants today. Being the clumsy me with food, I'm not going anywhere near chili!) I teased him about not washing the pan before he used it. He looked at the pan a little puzzled for a second, then his face lit up with understanding. "Oh! I thought that you had just used it to boil something because it was clean on the inside, but I just remembered that last time I used it, I let Monkey lick it out when I was done!"


Of course I didn't throw it out! I had to have something for lunch. With each bite I take, I remind myself, "Dogs have cleaner mouths than humans, dogs have cleaner mouths than humans..."


Mike + Mo said...


ok, yeah, Im still laughing... haha

Matt said...

Ditto Mike/Mo.

Jenny said...

hmm. oh i'm disgusted. sorry dave. i sat through a foodservice servsafe class last week (8 hrs) and took a test to get certified, i'd get my certificate taken away if this happens. oh whao!

sarah- you're a wonderful wife to tolerate that.

at least he cooks lunch for you. :)

Miss Erin said...

Not that we won't get a dog, but another yucky dog story to tell Clint.

Clare said...

Um, that was Clare by the way. My sister Erin was signed in.

Trina said...

Yeah, that would have justified throwing it out for me.

Too funny!

Chelsea said...

Gross! Dogs may have cleaner mouths, but they do lick their bottoms more than we do!

Me The Domestic Goddess said...

Oh gross Chesea! Why did you have to mention that?

brenna said...

Oh boy, i'm glad we ate over there pre-Monkey ;)