Friday, January 20, 2012

Hair dye

I can't sleep. I caught a cold from Joshua (as did everyone we know because I'm *that* mom), so I was exhausted today, so I took a nap, so I can't sleep now...even though I took nyquil. Anyway, I figured I would get some of my thoughts out of my head so at least they won't be contributing to my sleeplessness.
Of course now that I am up with the distractions of the internet I can't think of half of them anymore. 
I decided I need to dye my hair blonde. Today after my shower no I didn't get dressed for the day at 5pm, I don't know what you're talking about I was brushing my hair out in my bedroom and I discovered that Joshua needed a diaper change. I went through the hallway to the nursery and changed his diaper. Somewhere between my room and the nursery I completely lost my hair brush! Gone! Vanished! In an empty hallway! I searched my whole room, lifted each layer of bedding, checked all my drawers even though I knew I hadn't opened them. I checked in the bathroom, even though I knew I hadn't been in there. "Maybe I was really brushing my hair in the bathroom and I'm remembering 5 minutes ago incorrectly..." I checked the shelves next to the changing table, I checked the closet above the changing table yes, it's an old house, it has quirky closets in weird places and it was nowhere to be found. Thus, I need to dye my hair blonde to match my spacey brain.
Dave eventually found it on a shelf I had already checked.
No, I'm not really dying my hair blonde.


Sean and Jennie said...

I hate it when things like that happen! Sorry to hear you are feeling sick=(

Selena said...

I lose things all the time. Sometimes I drop something and then it disappears...even if I watched it drop and hit the ground!

I dyed my hair too! blonde! Post pictures of your hair please!

Carrie said...

so sad it's not true. i spent that whole thing trying to imagine you blonde. but i couldn't. so i was hoping there would be picture proof to help me. i want to dye my hair blonde. because it's turning dark and i'm sick of people asking if i used to be blonde. SHUT UP PEOPLE... I STILL AM!!! even though i know i'm not really.

annnnyways though, i keep having stuff in my kitchen cabinets and then not being able to find them when it's time to cook dinner. two nights ago i needed a can of peaches. and i KNEW it was in there somewhere... couldn't ever find it so i gave up and made spaghetti instead. and then i found the peaches. where i'd already looked eight times.

yikes. we're losing it. literally.