Monday, January 23, 2012

First Fat Lip

We discovered (were introduced to) a cool play area in one of the malls that is built more for younger children. Actually they have a rule about height limits for the children playing there, but every time I've been there, there have been several larger children breaking the rule. Oh well.
Joshua loves to crawl around on the cushy carpeting, slap the different plastic animals around the room, crawl through the tunnels, and spin the thing-a-ma-bobs on the wall. His absolute favorite thing to do while we are there is to make a break for it. I sure wish that area had a gate.
Since the cushy carpeting is so cushy, there is a slight ramp to the tiled rest-of-the-mall. On one of his escape attempts he tripped over his hands and face planted into the tile. Like any face/head wound, there was a lot of blood, but after forced cuddling and some apple juice from the sippy cup, he was ready to show off for the camera:
The next day, it looked super infected (splitting your lip on the tile in a mall...ew, the germs...) but didn't seem to bother him one bit. I think I ended up putting some sort of sanitizer or neosporin on it that day to hopefully ward off infection. Hard to do on a lip.
 See, quite a happy busted lip guy.

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Lydia said...

oh goodness...but he is still a cutie!!