Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Thing to Do

It's that time of year again when everybody seems to be making goals and associating them with the New Year holiday. I used to make goals every year, and can guarantee that they almost always included floss daily, write in journal daily, and read scriptures daily. If you look at my journals/diaries through the years (please don't), they have a plethora of entries in January, but seem to be devoid of entries for the rest of the year. It's really a shame, since January is a rather boring month: "Today it was cold."

For the past few years I've just skipped making goals because I never reach any of them anyway. However, this year, I've just completely changed my life. I've made a full 180. I feel like with a change like that, why not start new and try to make some progression out of it?

Thus, here are my goals. I intend to keep at them by making daily, weekly, and monthly goals based on the larger goals below. Who knows? Maybe I'll even keep track of some of them here on this blog (Oh, how fun!).

Clean house up and out

  • De-junk
  • Deep clean

Craft (stamp, sew)

  • Finish couch
  • Make curtains for all windows (see save money, bullet 3)
  • Decorate house, hang pictures

Develop schedule for sanity's sake

  • Chores
  • Projects/goals
  • Fun time

Save money

  • Budget
  • Eat healthy/schedule meals
  • Save energy in house

Get in shape again

  • Walk Monkey regularly (weather permitting, otherwise walk at indoor track? Buy stroller!)
  • Stake Aerobics

Read lots

  • Unread books in bookshelf and sequels/series
  • Book club
  • Book of Mormon & New Testament

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Lisa~ said...

Great goals, SL! Sorry we had to go into reverse on the curtains! ;-)