Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2 Weeks - 1st Doctor Appointment

Yesterday was Joshua's 2 week mark. I thought it'd be fun to do updates on his developments, but I make no promises of being consistent.

So far all Joshua does is sleep, poop/pee, and eat. He is starting to be more aware though when he is awake during the day, and he'll stare at things for a good 15 minutes or so before resuming the sleep, poop/pee, eat cycle. I could cuddle with him all day and night, especially when he curls up like a tree frog against my tummy, but I put him down in his bassinet to sleep most of the time. Right now he's snoozing un-swaddled for the first time and is doing well (getting up to check on him right now to make sure that's still the case...yup, we're good).

This morning he had his first doctor appointment since the hospital. That also meant that I got to leave the house! YAY! It was a whopping 10 degrees this morning, so we all (Dave, my mom, Joshua, and I) bundled up to brave the cold. 3 adults and one 2-week-old infant squeezed into the exam room, and then the nurse and doctor squeezed in, respectively. I hope Joshua appreciates that his first doctor appointment was well attended.

All in all the appointment was pretty routine. They measured him (22 3/4 inches - 95%ile), weighed him (7 lbs 14 oz - 25%ile - 2 oz more than birth weight), poked his heel for the PKU thing, and then asked if we had questions.

The End


Carrie said...

sounds like pretty much the same percentiles that baby's been rocking. mmm skinny babies!

i'm so jealous that your kid is skinnier than mine! i think my baby is chunking up. but i hear as you get older it just gets harder to keep the pounds off...

i'm so excited to read your posts! i didn't know you'd been posting! i gotta get used to this whole private not on my blog roll updates thing...

Lisa~ said...

I have that tree-frog picture. I'll email it to you.