Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Phone Phobia

Today I added little baby Joshua to our insurance, which involved calling our insurance company. I also set up his two week doctor appointment. Yesterday I called my OB's office TWICE with questions about my ... ah ... digestion ... problem.

I'm so proud of myself.

Phone calls I still need to make:

Hospital billing, utilities, WIC, I'm sure there's more I've been putting off

Don't forget to give me your email address. I'll be going private tonight or tomorrow.


Mike + Mo said...

I'm thinking about going private... Why be social? It feels like excess...

Mike + Mo said...

Oh, good luck with the other phone calls... I hate making what I call Adult Phone Calls... it means you have to be responsible... Who wants to be responsible?

Melisa said...

Sooo many people to call and contact with a new baby! And all on very little sleep! Good luck!