Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a Good Week!

It all started with the time change on Sunday. I absolutely love Daylight Savings Time in the Fall. I don't like it too well in the Spring. Gaining an hour is wonderful! Especially since I had gotten into the bad habit of waking up when I was supposed to be at work, so I'd get in an hour late. Set the clocks back one hour, and voi la! I wake up at the same exact "time" and get to work on time! Every day last week I got to work before 8:30. That means I get to come home on time, too.

So I got a lot done last week. I vacuumed up the nasty bugs/spider webs that had accumulated throughout the summer inside our bedroom window without a screen that we'd leave open. Dave helped me hang up our whiteboard calendar, my jewelry box picture frame thinger that I got for Christmas last year, and a mirror in the dining room.

On Saturday, one of my primary kids got baptized. So I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Oh, you mean I haven't blogged much so you have no idea what's going on in my life? Well, I got called to be the 2nd counselor in the primary at the end of August. So I spent all of September and October writing, planning, and practicing the primary sacrament meeting program. I must be good under pressure or something. I got called to be a YW camp leader 2 months before, then primary 2 months before the program. Did I mention I got straight A's my last semester of college while I was planning our wedding? Yup, must be good under pressure. No pressure = lazy bum.

Back to the awesome week: Saturday I went to the baptism, then I washed laundry, raked the leaves in our front yard, and started digging up bulbs and planting them again. Our front yard has a flower bed that has clumps of Daffodil bulbs that are literally the size of a football. There must be hundreds of bulbs in there. I'm planning on finishing that project today after work so I can get it done before the ground freezes. (wish me luck!) I put crocuses in the front of the bed, then there will be daffodils and tulips, then in the back there will be Irises, which I'm going to steal from the neighbors.

"Thief! How dare you steal our Irises!!!!!" Oh, wait, no, our neighboring house is actually a condemned house, and the same people own it that own our house, and they're ok with me stealing Irises.

Then on Sunday I made delicious elk "secret ingredient" stroganoff for which we invited another couple over to help us eat.

I found a great task list site online that's FREE. It's called rememberthemilk.com. You can share lists with your contacts. So Dave and I have a couple of shared "honey do" lists, and we add to each other's and check off tasks that we finish. I think if I continue to get up on time, I'll continue to get a lot done. We'll see. Here are some projects I need to get done:

  • Fold all the laundry I washed on Saturday
  • Plant bulbs
  • Un-plant carrots
  • Sew tabs onto our quilt to hang it on the wall during the winter
  • Finish sewing curtains for dining room doorways
  • Poison Chinese Elm stumps (actually I think Dave's going to do this one…I'll help)
  • Decorate for thanksgiving
  • Clean upstairs for thanksgiving guests

Think I can get it all done in the next two and a half weeks?

We'll see I guess.


Michael + Molly said...

LOVE the Leaves.... Vegas really doesnt have leaves like that... I think it would help if we had trees...

LisaBC said...

I love your picture!
Your garden will be BEAUTIFUL this spring!!