Monday, November 23, 2009

Guess What! Monkey Butt!

So on November 13th, for our date, I really twisted Dave's arm to take me to the Animal Shelter just to play with the dogs. Maybe take a few on a walk. We took a really cute 6 month old border collie on a walk around the building, then a supposedly white German shepherd. It looked more like a Siberian husky though. Then we went to try to take another puppy on a walk, but she was too scared to even come to the front of her kennel, so we crouched inside for her to get used to us and maybe come out for a walk. Eventually she warmed up a little bit, but not enough for a walk, but we played with her in a little room they had.

We both really liked her, but didn't want to make a rushed decision, so we went home and slept on it. And went the next day and adopted her. We renamed her Monkey!

From what we know, we think she's a Black Mouth Cur, but she's from the Animal Shelter, so we don't know for sure. What's a Black Mouth Cur? It's Old Yeller! Only she's a darker color than Old Yeller, and we're taking her to get her rabies shot tomorrow, so she won't have the same story as Old Yeller.

She's a little shy, but we've been socializing her with other dogs and people, and she's getting better. She's 4 months old, and we gave her a birthday as 4 months before we adopted her, so July 14th. She already weighs 35 lbs, and she's skinny. She's gonna be a big Monkey dog! Oh and also she's super smart. She's pretty much potty trained (except a few accidents), and she already knows sit, lie down, and jump. We want to teach her how to jump really high and catch Frisbees, so we're starting with the jumping. I'll see if I can get a video of her doing it. She can jump super high, probably because she's already big. Here are some pictures of her:

She thinks she's a lapdog.

If she's not playing, she's usually sleeping

Isn't she so cute!?

Like most puppies, she loves chewing, but luckily, she hasn't chewed anything of ours yet, only her bones and toys. (Knock on wood!)

Aptly named Monkey, don't you think?


Chelsea said...

July 14th? That's a wonderful birthday!

Michael + Molly said...

YAY!!!! I heart cutsie puppies! Im sooo jealous! Please post some videos, so I can live with a doggy thru you guys...

Smart Helm said...

Looks like a fun bundle of joy. Have fun!

Kevin + Marcy said...

Cute, Cute, CUTE, dog! Congratulations on the new addition!