Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today is November 18th. That means it's closer to December, and for sure Thanksgiving, than Halloween. Oh well. Dave and I both dressed up for Halloween this year. I wore my costume to work, and we both wore our costumes to a party. We had 1 trick or treater before we went off to our party, so I had to give away most of our two bags of candy at work the past few weeks.

I decorated our front porch and we carved pumpkins, too! Turns out, my pumpkin ended up being stolen, but Dave's wasn't. It happens to me every year. Stolen or Smashed. Sad panda.

See if you can guess what our costumes were:

Did you guess?

One last chance…

Dave was a blind referee, and I was swine flu (wings…get it?...flu=flew…haha) Mine was a great excuse to wear sweats and slippers to work! :)


Clare said...

My dad is a basketball ref, and my mom is the queen of last minute Halloween costumes. A couple Halloweens ago my brother borrowed Dad's ref shirt and was an award-winning blind ref.

Smart Helm said...

Those were some great costumes. And I really liked ur pumpkins. Sorry it was stolen! Someone obviously needed it more than you did.
So fun to see you at Costco :-)

Matt and Lisa said...

Haha, your costume was awesome! I loved it, you're so clever Sarah