Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tahoe: July 4th Weekend

Every year we go to Lake Tahoe to visit my grandparents at their Tahoe house. It's almost like a family reunion, only not. Basically we just go and have fun on the beach and the boat. They have a great 4th of July weekend, so it's fun to go then. The only downside is that the 4th of July is usually a very crowded weekend at Tahoe, so sometimes we go in August. This year was a rather short trip because I only get so much vacation per year, and I had to save most of it for girls' camp this year. I hope I have enough for Christmas! Here are some pictures from this year.

Dave got up on the wake board this year, and even carved a little bit! I didn't try this year because I pulled both extensors trying to get up on one ski. I almost got up though! It was the closest I've ever come to getting up on one! Then I did two skis for the rest of the time (arms screaming at me and all).

Of course Daniel-Bo-Daniel got up on the wakeboard and even braved the wake a few times. This year only Daniel and Mommy were able to come the same weekend we did. Chelsea was 9 months pregnant, and Erik decided to go in August. (I think they're there right now…)

Mommy and I went tubing together on the new tube. Of course Mommy only liked going slow and in a straight line (for which Daniel and Dave teased her relentlessly), and I enjoyed the leisurely ride as well. I don't like tubing too much because for some reason whenever I go, the tube ends up under the water, and I have to jump off or go with it. I drove while Dave and Daniel were on the tube, and that was fun.

As you can see, Dave got a little bit sunburned. His poor feed turned bright pink for days.

Independence day celebrations

This year the barge of fireworks was set up, because there wasn't a high fire risk, and not too much wind! I don't think I've ever been there before that the fireworks actually got to go.

Every year they have a golf cart parade. Everyone in the community styles up the golf cart and drives it around in the parade. Uncle Bill usually decorates ours.

We all wanted to drive the cart, so we struck a compromise: I did the "gas", Dave did the brake, and Daniel steered from the back seat. It worked surprisingly well, unless I stopped paying attention and we slowed down.

The star of the 4th was Aunt Lynda, whose birthday is celebrated with fireworks and picnics every year for some reason. Every year we're there on her birthday, we also make her a red white and blue cake. Yum!

Speaking of red white and blue picnics: This year and last year they had Men Wielding Fire cater the big community picnic. Basically they make a lot of food and you eat until you're stuffed. Drinks abound as well. Luckily one must pay for more than one glass of wine, so not too many people got completely drunk. As for our family, we raided the soda coolers and drank to our hearts content…and then made a tower:

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